Friday, June 07, 2002

I was furious this morning to find that someone had taken my trash out of the outside receptacles and placed it in front of our apartment door with a note saying "Please do some recycling." The note was attached to a one-sheet recycling flyer published by the city. I do recycle cans and bottles, and I can plead guilty to not always recycling paper products. Considering that the city has discussed suspending recycling pick-ups in an attempt to save money, I'm not sure what the big deal is. But what made me really angry was that someone saw Liz put our trash in the outside cans, then retrieved it (possibly in the rain yesterday) and put it back in front of our door with the note. Now our neighbors think we're inconsiderate jerks who don't recycle; I'm assuming that's the collective opinion of the ones who didn't do the trash-note job. I thought about putting up my own nasty note, but since I don't know who would get it, I'm just going to leave things alone. I took the hint, and posted the recycling guide above my kitchen trash can for future reference. But I'm not above leaving a nasty note in the hallway if I have to, to get a message across. It's been done before by others. On one hand, we have to live in this apartment for another 15 months, so I don't want to make enemies. But I hate having my personal habits called into question by people who don't know me and won't identify themselves. I'm hoping that the vigilantes are actual inspectors who have been nosing around lately. There are new signs in the hallways imploring us to "save water" and copies of the recycling flyers. I saw a group of unfamiliar faces with clipboards in the courtyard yesterday. I did recognize our superintendent, who presumably let them in. So something is afoot. I would just appreciate it if someone has a problem with the way I'm behaving that they tell me to my face, or at least sign any notes they leave us. So if you're reading this, anonymous trash-removal-recycling-fanatic, please stop by our apartment and say hello.

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